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dkw, 5, lz, yj, u, Marketing – Patéko



Reading the previous post in this section, or simply because studying law has always been your dream, you may have decided to take the plunge and embark on such studies.check this post, it is intended more specifically for people who are going to “take action”, that is to say, new graduates who are preparing to enter law school. Future and current students will find here some advice which, if they do not constitute a magic potion guaranteeing a flawless success (therefore needless to leave me murderous comments if unfortunately, you fail), should at least allow you to avoid classic pitfalls in this type of study. To start here is good and bad news: the good news is that the 1st year of law is the easiest. The program is a little lighter than that of other years and if you graduate from an ES baccalaureate (economic and social), you will have a definite advantage over other bachelors. Indeed, the frame of mind of the graduates of this series often comes close to that of the lawyers and they have the enormous advantage of being able to choose as options economic and financial matters which will be for them only a simple formality, and which They will, therefore, earn them a maximum of points on the exam (while limiting the amount of work to be provided during the year, which allows them to free up the time that they can usefully invest in other subjects). The bad news is that the success rate in 1st-year exams is one of the lowest.
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